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Light up your Mansion with our Brilliant Estate Lighting Solutions

No matter how beautiful your mansion and its surroundings are, once the sun goes down, it will be enveloped in darkness without proper estate lighting. The sole remedy for this is to have adequate exterior lighting to amplify the beauty of your estate. Be it for a celebration or just regular everyday purposes, our exterior lighting solutions will surely help you bring out the aesthetic that you wish to portray in your mansion. The right lighting will help you enjoy the safety, comfort, and luxury of your home to its fullest extent. Lights are multi-utility devices. Not only do they add elegance and style to your residence, but they also aid in securing your estate and making it safe at night. Proper outdoor lighting will not only keep malicious entities like burglars away but also discourage animals from intruding on your property. If you plan on using motion sensor-enabled lighting solutions, they will not only illuminate your property when you decide to take a stroll but also warn of unwanted intrusions on your property.

We at Avanti Outdoor Lighting will design and install advanced lighting systems that will reflect your vision and aesthetic for your estate. Our lighting solutions will not only make your estate more secure at night but will also amplify the glam quotient of your residence. On top of that, we also handle all your lighting needs - installation, repair, and maintenance.

estate lighting
estate light

Safety Measures for Estate Lighting Installation

Most people just assume that all you need to light up your mansion is to purchase the necessary fixtures and have a professional install them. If you are one of them, you could not be more wrong. Proper lighting is not about just putting up the lights wherever you want. In fact, it is a long and meticulous process. The first step is determining the exact area that needs to be lit. Then comes the strategic placement of the lights for optimal brilliance. Then comes the most important part - designing a lighting system that will not only illuminate your estate but also help amplify its natural aesthetics.
Throughout the course of installation, safety is a huge priority. All wirings should be properly hidden so there can be no accidental tripping on wires. Insulating them properly is another major critical task in preventing the possibility of a short circuit or fire breaking out. Finally, it is crucial to consider the placement of the light concerning the roads beside the estate so that the glare does not distract people while walking. These simple steps will allow you to enjoy a safe and attractive estate or residential outdoor lighting system.

Few Basic Tips for Lighting Maintenance

Even though you could contact us for your lighting maintenance requirements, there are a few basic steps that should follow to enhance the longevity of your installed lighting arrangement.
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Perform regular checks for exposed wirings
Wires are hidden from plain sight during installations, so they do not disrupt the aesthetics of the lighting arrangement. But over time, exposure to the natural elements might expose the wires. This can cause serious accidents, which can even be life-threatening in certain instances. So, to avoid the possibility of such an outcome, perform regular checks of your lighting system and be sure to remove wiring from areas you frequently visit.
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Cleaning off the accumulated waste
Your outdoor lighting system will be exposed to harsh weather conditions. This will reflect in the dirt and dust your lighting system will accumulate. If you have trees around, branches and fallen leaves might obstruct your lights. So, ensure that you trim unnecessary branches and remove dry leaves that cover the lights. Try and clean your lenses and reflectors on a regular basis to maintain them in pristine condition.
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Change faulty bulbs
This is a no-brainer. Your entire lighting arrangement will look out of place if you have a faulty light. So, whenever you find a bulb or fixture that is not working, try and replace it. But if that does not do that trick, contact us for support. No matter what, do not keep broken lights and fixtures unattended as they might pose serious safety threats to everybody who will come into the vicinity.
Also, just a tip, consider using LED lights if you aren’t already. They are cost-effective and will save you a fortune in the long run.
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We had no idea what we needed or would be appropriate for our yard. They gave us many great ideas for lighting. We are so happy that we contacted them. We now have a beautiful relaxing lanai and backyard and can’t wait to enjoy it every evening! We feel like we are in our own little paradise. Looking forward to phase 2 of our lighting project in the fall! it has been a pleasure to work with them!
F. S. Moseley
Their suggestions took our pool
area from basic to FABULOUS!!!
After 2 failed attempts and botched jobs (by 2 different companies) we gave Avanti Outdoor Lighting a call! Not only did they exceed our expectations by providing quality service and products, Rick took our vision and ran with it.
Avanti Outdoor Lighting brought our backyard to life. They ARE landscape lighting artists!!! We couldn’t be more thrilled .
Every customer is treated like Avanti Outdoor Lighting’s BEST Customer!
Knight Pest Control has worked with Avanti Outdoor Lighting for over 2 years . They provide lighting products that are better than great. More important is the service they provide.
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