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Illuminate Your Home for a Magical Effect with Residential Outdoor Lighting

The right lighting can transform your regular-looking house into your dream home. Residential outdoor lighting is not just to kill the darkness around your home but can help you create a magical ambiance. You can use lamp posts, globe lights, bistro lights, and spotlights; the list is endless. The market is full of choices. Whether you want to have a bash, a quiet holiday dinner with family and friends, or wish to relax with a book and a drink, you don’t need to go too far. You can create the spaces in your home.

Another essential aspect of keeping your outdoors lit is keeping the intruders at bay. A dark house will attract unwanted elements, both human and animal. A well-lit home will help you detect intrusion. You can even use motion-sensing lights that will light up with any movement. And, finally lighting your outdoors will also avoid any accidents due to falling or tripping.

Our experts are adept at designing and installing state-of-the-art outdoor lighting systems, so you can enjoy a lovely landscape even when the sun sets. From residential outdoor lighting installation to repair or maintenance on an existing system, we provide all lighting solutions.

residential outdoor lighting
residential outdoor lighting installation

Safe & Efficient Residential Outdoor Lighting Installation

Outdoor lighting can enhance not only the curb appeal of your home but also provide much-needed security. However, residential outdoor lighting installation must be done carefully to ensure safety and efficiency. A minor error can wreck the whole system or, cause a fire due to short circuits. Hence, it’s best to seek assistance from professionals. To begin with, our experts will inspect your home outdoors and design the best possible lighting system for you as per your liking. Accordingly, we will have to choose the right fixtures. We’ll ensure you get the fixtures with suitable ratings to avoid accidents. Once we get the fixtures, our contractors carefully install the system. With a bit of planning and caution, safe and efficient outdoor lighting can be easily achieved.

Things to Consider When Getting Outdoor Residential Lighting

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Safety is crucial. So when getting lights and fixtures for outdoors, ensure they are of the right rating. They should be suitable to use outside, which means they should be water and shockproof so they can withstand weather extremities. Also, all electrical work must be handled carefully. One small mistake can cause a big issue. Hence, hiring experts will ensure safety.
Moreover, you must consider the security aspect of it too. You will need lights to avoid to any mishaps and to detect intruders.
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Planning will take you a long way. Before you choose any lighting option, analyze the size of your home exteriors, the placement of the lights, and the wattage you would need to light up the area. Buy fixtures accordingly. Ensure you do not use too much light, avoid placing the lights near doorways or much-frequented areas, and do not overload. Whether you need lighting for your walkways or outdoor patio lighting, hire a reputed company, and they will take care of all these issues.
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Consider getting LED lights. They not only last much longer, but they are energy efficient. So, light on your pockets as well as on the environment.
At Avanti Outdoor Lighting, we offer a 20-year warranty on our light fixtures and a lifetime warranty on our transformers. Hence, keeping your repair costs minimum and ensuring a safe and long-lasting lighting solution.
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We had no idea what we needed or would be appropriate for our yard. They gave us many great ideas for lighting. We are so happy that we contacted them. We now have a beautiful relaxing lanai and backyard and can’t wait to enjoy it every evening! We feel like we are in our own little paradise. Looking forward to phase 2 of our lighting project in the fall! it has been a pleasure to work with them!
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Their suggestions took our pool
area from basic to FABULOUS!!!
After 2 failed attempts and botched jobs (by 2 different companies) we gave Avanti Outdoor Lighting a call! Not only did they exceed our expectations by providing quality service and products, Rick took our vision and ran with it.
Avanti Outdoor Lighting brought our backyard to life. They ARE landscape lighting artists!!! We couldn’t be more thrilled .
Every customer is treated like Avanti Outdoor Lighting’s BEST Customer!
Knight Pest Control has worked with Avanti Outdoor Lighting for over 2 years . They provide lighting products that are better than great. More important is the service they provide.
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Enchant your neighbors with a magical ambiance.
Accentuate your outdoors to have a dazzling effect with creative lighting designs.
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