Making Your Outdoors Safer with Walkway Security Lights


Landscape lighting increases your home’s curb appeal, makes outdoor spaces usable longer, is beautiful, and deters trespassing and theft. It also helps you see where you’re walking when you’ve had one beer too many, lol.

In our landscape design consultations, we work with you to evaluate your lighting goals.

When security is a concern, we can use low-wattage high-voltage floodlights or strategically use of low levels of light throughout your property to meet your needs.

We’ll discuss using lights around your walkways to keep evening guests safe on your property. Of course, we focus on eliminating dark spots where intruders can hide. Then, we work to prevent glaring lights that may prevent you from easily spotting intruders on your property.

Take a look at other homeowners that have used outdoor landscape lighting on our happy client’s page.

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