8 Cool Outdoor Tree Lighting Ideas in 2022

outdoor tree lighting ideas

Landscaped gardens and exquisite tree arrangement won’t be visibly noticed if there are no lights to illuminate them. If, however, you find that the tree lighting installation doesn’t look modern anymore, it’s time to give them a fresh new look with these cool and trendy outdoor tree lighting ideas.

Wrap the Trunk With Lights

Make the tree trunk more visible by wrapping them with a nice choice of soft light. This will accentuate the irregular trunk details. Choose a tree with several branches to highlight the light wrapping. When wrapping the trunk with lights, you can put equal space or distance between the lights to have a clean look. Make it swirl at a slightly inclined angle instead of doing a mere horizontal or vertical line of lights wrapped around.

Put Up Lights in Large Pots

If you have large pots, you can also put some lights behind them to make the pots more noticeable even during the night. It gives a soft glow behind the enormous pottery. Oftentimes, large pots, especially dark-colored ones, won’t get noticed at night. Adding lights at the back of your supersized pots will give a nice touch of depth to the space.

Trendy String Lights

Fairy lights and festoons create an entire mood for the tree. Pick trendy string lights that will cover the space in between trees. String lights add a festive feeling to your garden when you add them. Putting fairy lights and festoon lighting in between trees can transform an empty yard into an inviting space. This is especially amazing to look at if there is a large distance between trees.

Tree Uplighting To Frame Them

Another technique for smaller spaces is to have tree uplighting. Installing uplight fixtures will frame the tree. Uplighting creates an illusion of a frame that gives the tree a spotlight. The uplighting fixture can also add height for shorter trees. This makes the tree look bigger or taller despite the limited space where you place them.

Place Hanging Tree Lights

Create a sanctuary by placing hanging tree lights by the tree. Make the tree look more cozy to spend time under. Pick hanging tree lights that will complement the leaves and branches of the tree – a good option can be mason jars filled with lights. Opt for outdoor tree lights that don’t have the same length. Alternatively, you could hang the tree lights in an unequal length to set a cozy appearance.

Beam Spread for the Lights in Trees

The choice of bulb for the tree lights has an impact on its overall appearance. Beam spreading is one way to adjust the lighting effect depending on the size or tree species. If you have large, tall trees, you can illuminate the entirety of the tree by adjusting a larger beam spread. This is also applicable if you want to make other trees look noticeable with just one outdoor light installed.

Outdoor Tree Lights in Pathways

Trees placed in the pathways can have a better appearance when you have outdoor lights complementing them. Put them strategically to brighten the path. You can choose taller tree lighting fixtures for this tree lighting idea. This will complement both the tree and the pathway.

Tree Illumination for a Complete Garden Look

A complete garden lighting scheme can be achieved by having symmetry of the tree illumination. Make sure the tree lighting balances well with the surroundings. Mix and match different light colors to accentuate a single or whole collection of trees in your garden. Ask landscape lighting experts in Tampa how to achieve the perfect tree illumination design.
These are some of the outdoor tree lighting ideas that you can refer to make your yard or garden look astonishing to view at night. Ask outdoor lighting professionals in Tampa about which of the outdoor tree lighting ideas are suitable for the trees on your property.