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Are you looking for a professional security lighting company to install lights in and around your home? Our experts in the company will help you with the security lighting installers and all other services related to security lighting.

Our company is reliable and we are dedicated to provide the best service to both homeowners and commercial businesses alike. We are an ethical team and our electricians try and provide timely service which helps to keep your home safe.

We ensure that our clients have easy and convenient options available at their behest, so as to build up trust and communication.

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Security Lighting Installers For Your Safety

Security Lighting Services

Best Service

One of the first things you should do while installing security lights is to look for the darkest areas around the house where intruders might get in from. Areas like this include shrubs and bushes and back sides of your home.

Our security lighting company can recognise these areas and install floodlights in these areas with advanced motion detectors, so that it can sense intruders.

Flood lights for security purpose

Trained Professionals

We are also very quick to install these lights since your comfort and peace of mind is very important to us. Our electricians are also trained professionals who can handle any electrical complexity regardless of the issue.

Both floodlights and motion detecting lights are not sensitive to wind or the neighbour’s cat and can be a safe choice around the house.

Wall-mounted security light

Timely Installation

Our electricians value your time and are efficient with on-time arrivals and workloads. No matter what you need our outdoor lighting team in Tampa is ready for it.

Not only do we provide the best service in the area but also keep in mind all your lighting needs. If your yard, patio, or some dark corner needs some security lighting installers, we are here to do an effective job.

Security Lighting Installers

Are Security Lighting Companies Worth the Hype

Some of us are often sceptical about getting security lights for our home but let us calltol you that they live up to their name. Regardless of any type of security lighting provider, you also get options for adjustable detection sensitivity, adjustable lamp head, dawn to dusk options, motion sensors, timers, and weather resistant materials.

Many home owners like a combination of these lights and options and it depends entirely on what lighting goals you want to achieve for your house. For example, in dusk to dawn lighting, the light is automatically turned on and off saving you a lot of electricity and money.


Looking to save your home from a robbery?

Here are some of the key features of our company that we think might take your security to the next level.
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One of our pros is to supply effective lighting designs at affordable prices to our customers.
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We also have lot of technology to offer when it comes to security lighting, including solar and LED options.
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Our business has been around the area for many years and we can guarantee hundred percent customer satisfaction.

All our technicians are fully trained and licensed. We can complete your project on time whether you need only one light installation our security lighting service all around your house.

If you are looking for security lighting companies in your area, please feel free to reach out to us!


Avanti Outdoor Lighting was
wonderful to work with.
We had no idea what we needed or would be appropriate for our yard. They gave us many great ideas for lighting. We are so happy that we contacted them. We now have a beautiful relaxing lanai and backyard and can’t wait to enjoy it every evening! We feel like we are in our own little paradise. Looking forward to phase 2 of our lighting project in the fall! it has been a pleasure to work with them!
F. S. Moseley
Their suggestions took our pool
area from basic to FABULOUS!!!
After 2 failed attempts and botched jobs (by 2 different companies) we gave Avanti Outdoor Lighting a call! Not only did they exceed our expectations by providing quality service and products, Rick took our vision and ran with it.
Avanti Outdoor Lighting brought our backyard to life. They ARE landscape lighting artists!!! We couldn’t be more thrilled .
Every customer is treated like Avanti Outdoor Lighting’s BEST Customer!
Knight Pest Control has worked with Avanti Outdoor Lighting for over 2 years . They provide lighting products that are better than great. More important is the service they provide.
F. S. Moseley

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