Exterior Lighting

There are many lighting techniques and a variety of fixtures to illuminate your homes best assets. Light defines the architecture of your house, illuminates your plants, and highlights your trees to add depth and color to your yard.

Lighting can increase your homes value, add safety and security from intruders, while saving money on your electric bill by using the latest technology in LED lighting.

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The Landscape Lighting Process

If it weren’t so beautiful, you wouldn’t know we had been there…

We use conduit to wrap wires in ninety five percent of our applications. This adds protection from future possible cutting of the wire. Florida heat is often brutal, so we protect wires from rain and tines by using high heat, waterproof, gas tight wire connectors for the best connections. After fixtures are installed, we make sure lights are aimed for optimal lighting, giving you the most use outside with the least impact inside your home.

All of our work is completed by hand.

In most cases, the only evidence that we were there is the beautiful lighting effects themselves. We take special care around your flowers and shrubs to ensure that no damage is done. 


Looking to highlight Architectural Features?

Our pros consider the most lighting efficient designs to save you money while getting the best usage out of your beautiful Florida landscapes.

Our team’s efficient implementation keeps the impact to your surrounding hardscapes and softscapes low, so that you can enjoy your new living areas without worrying about repairs.

Our energy efficient LED low voltage flood lighting keeps your energy bills low, but keeps your excitement about your outside spaces high.


Our professional outdoor home lighting company has been lighting up houses and landscapes for Florida residences and businesses for more than 35 years.

We understand what it means to our clients to know that their job and home landscapes will be handled with the utmost care. We always treat each property with the professional nature we would expect at our own. Through our 35 years of dedicated training and services as landscape lighting pros, we have learned the best techniques and standards for lighting up a home landscape at night to ensure your property always looks great from day one.

We enjoy utilizing our years of experience to ensure that your lighting design projects go smoothly and look great for many rewarding years ahead.

Your complete satisfaction is our main goal. When you hire our lighting designers and installers to light up your home residence or business, we want you to know that we will respect your property as if it was our own.

We always work to exceed your expectations. We provide the support you need to make your landscape lighting design become all you were hoping for. We don’t just provide support during the job, we provide support for many years ahead. 

We’re here to satisfy our clients dreams for luxury exterior lighting designs. 

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