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pool cage lighting

Transform your Poolside with Fascinating Pool Cage Lighting

A pool in your home is the most fun and happening place. And pool cage lighting will ensure that your poolside never has to be left in the dark. Don’t you just love to cool off in your pool at the end of the hot and tiring summer day? But once the sunlight goes, the poolside becomes a dark and risky place. That's why you need proper pool lighting. There are several lighting choices available so that you can extend the party or your swimming time well into the night.

Pool lighting has functional purposes. They light up the poolside to prevent anyone from falling or tripping. The surface around the pool is hard, and falling there can cause severe injuries. Besides keeping the place safe, they also create a fascinating ambiance. And with today's advanced LED lights, pool enclosure or pool cage lighting is more energy-efficient than ever.

At Avanti Outdoor Lighting, we offer exciting design options customized just for you. Whether you need installation, repair, or maintenance, we are your one-stop shop for all your pool enclosure lighting needs.

pool cage lighting
pool enclosure lighting

Be Creative with Pool Enclosure Lighting for a Unique Look

Imagine twilight settling over your pool enclosure and the pool lights glowing, casting beautiful reflections on the water’s surface. And you are sitting on the side with a drink, unwinding after a hard day, or just cooling off by taking a swim. Or, you can have guests lounging on the pool deck, sipping cocktails, and enjoying the quiet of the evening. This can be your every day without traveling far and wide.

Pool cage lights come in a variety of colors that allow you to pick your style and compliment your pool area. You can have soft dim lights around the perimeter of the cage for a subtle look or if you are throwing a thrilling party, use bistro lighting for a dramatic look. Advanced LED lights allow you to have color changers and dimmers so you can light your poolside according to your mood.


Things to Look Out for While Getting Pool Lighting Systems Installed

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Check for quality. The pool screen lights or fixtures must be of good quality for safety purposes. They should have a waterproof rating, so they don’t get damaged by excessive moisture or rain. Using LED lights will ensure the durability of your lighting system so you can enjoy your poolside for a long time.
Besides, Florida is a hurricane-prone zone. So, your pool lights should be able to withstand the bad weather.
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Check out the colors you want for your poolside. Pool enclosure lighting can be done in the color of your choice. You may also get color-changing lights that you can control with a remote. You may also add a dimmer function to set your color and brightness according to the mood and occasion. You can have limitless options that you can play with.
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Ensure there are no exposed wires. They should be properly hidden not just because visible wires will spoil the look but also because they will be a safety risk.
At Avanti Outdoor Lighting, we provide great designs, quality installation, repai,r and maintenance. Moreover, we offer a 20-year warranty on our fixtures and a lifetime warranty on our transformers.
Avanti Outdoor Lighting was
wonderful to work with.
We had no idea what we needed or would be appropriate for our yard. They gave us many great ideas for lighting. We are so happy that we contacted them. We now have a beautiful relaxing lanai and backyard and can’t wait to enjoy it every evening! We feel like we are in our own little paradise. Looking forward to phase 2 of our lighting project in the fall! it has been a pleasure to work with them!
F. S. Moseley
Their suggestions took our pool
area from basic to FABULOUS!!!
After 2 failed attempts and botched jobs (by 2 different companies) we gave Avanti Outdoor Lighting a call! Not only did they exceed our expectations by providing quality service and products, Rick took our vision and ran with it.
Avanti Outdoor Lighting brought our backyard to life. They ARE landscape lighting artists!!! We couldn’t be more thrilled .
Every customer is treated like Avanti Outdoor Lighting’s BEST Customer!
Knight Pest Control has worked with Avanti Outdoor Lighting for over 2 years . They provide lighting products that are better than great. More important is the service they provide.
F. S. Moseley
Illuminate Your Poolside for an Exquisite Look
Turn your poolside into a summer retreat with a customizable lighting system.
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