7 Trendy Modern Outdoor Lighting Ideas for Front of Your House

outdoor lighting ideas for front of house

If you think you need innovative outdoor lighting ideas for the front of your house, you are not wrong. With an extremely attractive building and the efforts you put into landscaping the front yard, you must be a proud owner of your house. But does it look dull once the evening sets in? Does it get dependent on the forlorn dim light of a streetlight? The curb appeal is not only significant during the day but also at night. That’s why you need to update your home with some trending modern outdoor lighting ideas.
Before we start with the ideas, here’s some advice. If you are indeed considering lighting your front yard, you should opt for professional outdoor lighting installers. They will offer you great designs and safely install the lights to avoid mishaps. Moreover, hiring professionals will end up saving money in the long run.
Coming back to modern lighting ideas to light up the front of the house, here are some!

Brighten up your entrance

You can use exterior wall lights for the entrances and the front door. Many people choose to put it on a wall by the door to illuminate the front. You can also pick a light with beautiful encasings and designs to match your style. Alternatively, you can decide to use spotlights. These are different from exterior wall lights and are installed on the ground, pointing up. You may also put it on a height, pointing down. A high voltage spotlight can be chosen for the house’s exterior wall. Apart from the aesthetics, lighting the entrance of the house also proves to be a great idea to keep the burglars away.

Highlight your pathways/ driveway

In 2022, a contemporary outdoor lighting idea that got much attention was illuminating the pathway or the driveway. For highlighting such tracks, solar-powered pathway lights are the favorite choice. They cause the least hassle and don’t need any wiring. These lights power up using solar energy during the daytime and use it at night. Professionals recommend 100-200 lumens of solar-powered lights for walkways.

Show off your architecture

LED hardscape lights can be used to accentuate any attractive or small ornamental architecture of the house. These lights generally point downwards and have a soft glow to highlight or delicacalltoy light up the dark corners. You may consult experts if you need help with the visualization of the idea. Reputed lighting companies offer a free demo so you can make an informed choice that you won’t regret later.

Lighten up those steps

One of the most favorite front of house lighting ideas is to install a light on the steps/stairs. It has a dual purpose. It is not only visually pleasing but also a necessity during the night. It makes the use of the staircase during the night safer. The LED step lights are the favored lights for the steps. These lights are easy to install. Usually, they are available in long cut-out strips. Some kinds don’t require wiring and can be fixed along the stairs.

It’s always Christmas with fairy lights

Fairy lights are small twinkling strings of lights usually used on Christmas to decorate trees. But these netted lights can be used to accentuate your garden. The lights can be used to decorate flower bushes or trees to make them look more appealing during the evenings. Moreover, they are customizable. You can choose any color and style according to your aesthetic and house design.

Get smart with motion-sensing lights

As the name suggests, motion-sensing lights switch on when they sense movement. Some prefer these for security purposes. Since they light up sensing any motion, they can help detect intruders. However, these lights have multiple uses and can be used anywhere. These are one of the trendiest exterior lighting ideas because they help conserve energy as they don’t stay on all night.

Get high-tech with smart lights

A step forward from motion-sensing lights is smart lights. These can be manually and remocalltoy controlled using phone apps and remotes. The smart lights are available in all different kinds of colors, designs, shapes, and sizes. As they are highly customizable, they can also be used during events and parties. Many brands even provide an option for changing the brightness of the lights. Though the lights are not very complicated to install, it is recommended to consult professionals.

Wrapping up…

A point to keep in mind while lighting the front of the house is not to go overboard. Flooding the front yard with lights robs the home of its original look instead of adding to it. A rule of thumb is to layer the different kinds of lights at different heights to ensure that there is light washing but not light flooding.
Illuminating the front of your house using lighting gives it depth and a unique look. It enhances your curb appeal to an optimum level. Lighting up the front yard is not only aesthetic but also practical. The outdoor lighting ideas for the front of your house mentioned above are some of the most appealing ones trending this season. You can always consult an outdoor lighting company to mix and match the lighting styles to find the right fit for you. Experiment with these ideas to make your gardens and the landscape pop. Of course, to make your neighbors jealous too!