Lucky 7 Landscape Lighting Benefits


What Other Benefits Would You Add?

If you’re considering landscape lighting and you’re weighing the features and benefits, here are a few more benefits for you to consider.


Chances are, you’re designing outside spaces for children, (or grandchildren) family, and friends to make memories. You’re aware of how quickly time flies. Tampa Bay’s outdoor spaces are amazing during the day, but come night, they can cast shadows that look scary to small ones. One quick way to add ambiance, and design a mood, is to add landscape lighting. From family-friendly to romantic, our pro designers can help you set the mood.

Shadowing is very important to us. You can blast a house with LIGHTING and it gives it no character or mood. Lighting should be an emotional thing done right.

Beauty and Curb Appeal

You may never have considered the composition of your outdoor landscape, but our Avanti Outdoor Landscape designers will. You may have never thought about the shadows your plants throw, but our designers will. You might not have considered ways to create depth and cast shadows, highlight your home’s architectural features, or bring focus to your front door or to a sculptural design. Our Avanti Outdoor Landscaping designers will, though.

All of these thoughtful considerations help highlight your home’s beauty and increase your curb appeal.

Extended Use of Outdoor Living Spaces

2020 brought the concept of social distancing to our daily lives. Patios and deck spaces allowed us to finally continue our family gatherings. Outdoor lighting allows your family to reconnect late into the evening. Pool areas are no exception. Kids are usually not ready to stop having fun just because the sun went down. Landscape lighting allows you to supervise kids, keeping them safe into the night. Adding landscape lighting to outside eating and firepit areas allow parents and grandparents time for deep conversations and thoughtful insights with those you love.

Use landscape lighting to keep making great memories.

Highlight Waterfront Areas

Waterfront homes have bigger safety challenges. Our pro designers have added landscape lighting around boat docks, waterfront palms, steps and stairs, marina docks, pool areas, and many other waterfront areas. Nothing ruins a party like an injured guest – our pro designs reveal obstacles and help shine lights on accident-prone waterfront areas.


Landscape lighting can make it easier to read the address of your home, saving critical time when you need emergency assistance. You can also use landscape lighting to highlight fall-risk areas, such as steps, stairs, or uneven landscapes. Avanti Outdoor Landscape designers can show you how to create a focus area that looks beautiful and increases the safety of your family or guests.

Driving to a well-lit business or home driveway and front yard area feels safer and more welcoming, too.


Landscape lights are a great addition to your home’s security systems. Tampa Bay is home to a variety of scary predators – snakes, coyotes, panthers, and sometimes humans. Taking a look outside through your home security monitors for predators – before letting your dog out after dark – can be a lifesaver. Lights deter wildlife around your home and may also deter criminals, who often prefer to stay unseen.

Showhomes or businesses highlighted

You’ve worked hard to create a beautiful home or a thriving business and it’s nice to get noticed. Landscape lighting brings attention to your investment. No matter the reason for your inquiry into landscape lighting, our team can help you with the information you need to make the right decision for you. Let us know how we can help with your project.