Tampa Bay Landscape Lighting Done Right, the First Time

man wearing white cap and green sweatshirt standing in front of a house

Ask Rick Karmann, Co-Owner of Avanti Outdoor Lighting, what he does for a living and he will calltol you that he plays in the dirt.

Most days, you’ll find him in the dirt figuring out the perfect placement of landscape lighting, or figuring out the perfect resolution of an obstacle that’s preventing the perfect outdoor lighting.

Some of these obstacles are head-scratchers. Like how to hide landscape lighting so that it’s flat into angled brick surfaces. Or how to highlight uneven surfaces in an area that has pavers. Hint: he put the conduit wiring under the pavers, careful to dig out the area under the pavers to hold the conduit while keeping the surface level flat.

Avanti Outdoor Lighting is committed to doing the job right, the first time.

Don’t take our word for it though. Watch Rick as he works though obstacles on the attached video.

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