Frequently Asked Questions

Consultation Questions

I'm a visual person. Will you provide a free consultation and a night time demo, so that I can see the difference?

We will. The first step is for you to complete the Project Details Form on our Contact page.

Our pro design team will review your project details, then give you a call to schedule a consultation and/or nighttime demo.

Seeing the demo lights installed gives you a sense of the project impact, once completed. You’ll see your home’s personality shining for all to see.

Our landscape lighting company proudly offers a complete quality guarantee and maintains a 5 star rating with our clients.


What is the difference between the services you provide and the DIY products at Amazon, Home Depot, or Lowe's?

Everything! We love the passion that DIY’ers have for landscape lighting projects. Hiring an Avanti Outdoor Lighting professional for your outdoor lighting projects allows you to experience next level landscape lighting. 

From our 20-year warranty on fixtures to our lifetime warranty on transformers; from our thoughtful, project-focused lighting designs to our exceptional installation standards, our services are unmatched.

We compare the difference to buying a Rolex watch from a New York Street vendor (DIY) vs. buying a Rolex watch from a reputable jeweler (Avanti Outdoor Lighting).

Does hiring a professional really make a difference?

Compare hiring a professional vs. hiring a DIY’er to build your home. Hiring a professional gives you great results, professionalism, and peace of mind.

Our Avanti Outdoor Lighting professional landscape lighting designers know how to properly design and use the right fixtures and materials for any outdoor space. 

We know how to overcome the unique environmental challenges of Florida, including near-constant mowing, salt water exposure, or hard water irrigation systems. We also consider nonstop sunlight and hurricane speed winds.

Installing professional landscape lighting to properly illuminate your home or business showcases your unique architectural and landscape features. The process is like an artist painting a canvas. We use our 35+ years of experience, our creative talents, obstacle removing skills, and strive for perfect installations.

When you work with Avanti Outdoor Lighting, your investment will give you joy for years to come.

Cost Questions

What does a typical landscape lighting system cost?

Our projects range from small pool areas to very large homes that add landscape lighting systems to all areas, including the front yard, back yard, patio, pool areas and more.

Our 35+ years experience shows us that there is no “typical” project, thus no “typical” cost.

We work individually with each client to determine your needs. We determine your budget requirements in advance. We clarify your timing requirements for project completion. Then we design your outdoor lighting system to meet your budget and timing restrictions, while illuminating your home or business.

Some clients choose to add their outdoor landscape lighting systems in phases to help with budgeting concerns. Others consider their landscape lighting project an investment and want to complete the investment at once. Either way, we are here to work with you on your landscape lighting project. Call us today or complete the Project Details Form on our Contact Page to get started.

Will the installation damage our existing landscape?

No. Our installation professionals are as minimally invasive as possible. We don’t use trenching machines and most cuts in the lawn are gone in 1-2 weeks. 

If we need to lay conduit under pavers, for example, we will make sure that the final product is as good or better after we finish than it was before.

At times, we may need to drill into hardscape structures to hide your landscape light wiring. We will discuss the project requirements with you before we begin. We will also make sure that you approve the changes after completion. 

We are landscape and landscape lighting professionals, here to make sure that the beauty of your home shines through. Our team repairs as needed. We strive to make every client a Happy Client!

Will a landscape lighting system increase my utility bill?

Our 12 volt, low-voltage outdoor lighting system may minimally increase your utility bill, Most often, it’s unnoticeable. 

Our flood lighting systems use 66% less power than older traditional line voltage systems like Halogen flood lights.

However, they are cool to the touch, much safe, and provide a more vibrant illumination of your outdoor areas.

Convenience Questions

Can you maintain our landscape lighting system after you install it?

Yes! Our highly trained maintenance team is available to keep your landscape lighting system in excellent condition.

Just give us a call if you have any maintenance questions.

How long does installation usually take?

Installation depends on your project size and scope. We’ll review our expected installation times with you before you fully approve your landscape lighting project.

Will I have to turn our landscape lighting system on every night and off every morning?

No. We use dusk to dawn lighting technology that turns on and off automatically. Our goal is to allow you to enjoy your landscape lighting system without fussy maintenance. Our Avanti Outdoor Lighting mission is to create Happy Clients – for years after installation!

See the level of detail our pro designers consider…

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At Avanti Outdoor Lighting, we’ll be happy to schedule an experienced, lighting and landscaping design specialist to meet you at your home or business anywhere in Florida for a free estimate to discuss your project at your convenience.
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