Frustrated with designing your landscape lighting? We can help!

pool with pool cage decorated with lights

Clients often change what they want their landscape lighting to look like during the design process.

Recently, one of our clients wanted “bistro lighting” outdoors. When we clarified what that meant to her, she realized she wanted landscape lights over the BBQ Grill area, landscape lights outside the hot tub and pool enclosure, and beautiful outdoor lights in the pool area.

She penned a review recently that said: “We thought we wanted bistro lighting until we got these beautiful “sconces”. We were so happy with our BBQ light and the sconces. We got our landscaping redone and added the up lighting to the foxtail palms and we are blown away at how beautiful our backyard looks. We cannot wait to host pool parties and enjoy evenings in this lovely oasis!!”

It turned out beautifully. Take a look at the project photos here.

There’s a few things you can do to be ready for the consultation about designing your landscape lighting.
1) Look at Pinterest for landscape lighting ideas. You can start with our Pinterest page.

2) Write down ways you’d like to use your landscape area differently, where you plan to add landscape lights. Are you interested in an outdoor eating area that you can use at night? Do you want to host social gatherings in your pool/patio areas? Are you just trying to keep family and guests aware of any fall risk areas? Make a list and share that list with our Avanti Outdoor Lighting designer.

3) During the consultation, plan to walk around outside with our pro outdoor lighting designer. We’ll talk about up lights, down lights, wall lights, shadowing, contrast, and more. We want to help you understand how we’re utilizing your budget and where you will get the most impact. We will offer ideas and work with you to get the most usage out of the areas we install Custom LED landscape lighting.

4) We’ll schedule a nighttime demo on an evening that works well for you and other property owners. We want everyone to be present, to make sure changes are kept to a minimum. We want your installation to go flawlessly, once a design approval has been given.

5) We’ll schedule installation dates that work best for you. We’ll show up when we said we would. We don’t want you to be frustrated with our team; we’re here to create beautiful results!