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Tampa Bay Landscape Lighting Done Right, the First Time

Ask Rick Karmann, Co-Owner of Avanti Outdoor Lighting, what he does for a living and he will tell you that he plays in the dirt.

Most days, you’ll find him in the dirt figuring out the perfect placement of landscape lighting, or figuring out the perfect resolution of an obstacle that’s preventing the perfect outdoor lighting.

Some of these obstacles are head-scratchers. Like how to hide landscape lighting so that it’s flat into angled brick surfaces. Or how to highlight uneven surfaces in an area that has pavers. Hint: he put the conduit wiring under the pavers, careful to dig out the area under the pavers to hold the conduit while keeping the surface level flat.

Avanti Outdoor Lighting is committed to doing the job right, the first time.

Don’t take our word for it though. Watch Rick as he works though obstacles on the attached video.

Give us a call if we can help with your landscape lighting project.

Frustrated with designing your landscape lighting? We can help!

Clients often change what they want their landscape lighting to look like during the design process.

Recently, one of our clients wanted “bistro lighting” outdoors. When we clarified what that meant to her, she realized she wanted landscape lights over the BBQ Grill area, landscape lights outside the hot tub and pool enclosure, and beautiful outdoor lights in the pool area.

She penned a review recently that said: “We thought we wanted bistro lighting until we got these beautiful “sconces”. We were so happy with our BBQ light and the sconces. We got our landscaping redone and added the up lighting to the foxtail palms and we are blown away at how beautiful our backyard looks. We cannot wait to host pool parties and enjoy evenings in this lovely oasis!!”

It turned out beautifully. Take a look at the project photos here.

There’s a few things you can do to be ready for the consultation about designing your landscape lighting.
1) Look at Pinterest for landscape lighting ideas. You can start with our Pinterest page:

2) Write down ways you’d like to use your landscape area differently, where you plan to add landscape lights. Are you interested in an outdoor eating area that you can use at night? Do you want to host social gatherings in your pool/patio areas? Are you just trying to keep family and guests aware of any fall risk areas? Make a list and share that list with our Avanti Outdoor Lighting designer.

3) During the consultation, plan to walk around outside with our pro outdoor lighting designer. We’ll talk about up lights, down lights, wall lights, shadowing, contrast, and more. We want to help you understand how we’re utilizing your budget and where you will get the most impact. We will offer ideas and work with you to get the most usage out of the areas we install Custom LED landscape lighting.

4) We’ll schedule a nighttime demo on an evening that works well for you and other property owners. We want everyone to be present, to make sure changes are kept to a minimum. We want your installation to go flawlessly, once a design approval has been given.

5) We’ll schedule installation dates that work best for you. We’ll show up when we said we would. We don’t want you to be frustrated with our team; we’re here to create beautiful results!

Brightening up your Patio Areas

Floridians use their outside area as an extension of our home’s living spaces. Landscape Lighting transforms the amount of time you can spend in your outdoor spaces and your comfort in doing so. A bold, eye-catching landscape lighting design may leave serious impressions, or increase your home’s value, or simply increase your bragging rights during outside parties. A great landscape lighting design allows you to take a party to any corner of your backyard. Whether you want to enjoy the Florida nights, increase family and friends time, or brighten the neighborhood, we can help you meet your lighting needs. Contact our designers for a free demo today in your backyard.

Making Your Outdoors Safer with Walkway Security Lights

Landscape lighting increases your home’s curb appeal, makes outdoor spaces usable longer, is beautiful, and deters trespassing and theft. It also helps you see where you’re walking when you’ve had one beer too many, lol.

In our landscape design consultations, we work with you to evaluate your lighting goals.

When security is a concern, we can use low-wattage high-voltage floodlights or strategically use of low levels of light throughout your property to meet your needs.

We’ll discuss using lights around your walkways to keep evening guests safe on your property. Of course, we focus on eliminating dark spots where intruders can hide. Then, we work to prevent glaring lights that may prevent you from easily spotting intruders on your property.

Take a look at other homeowners that have used outdoor landscape lighting:

Contact our landscape lighting designers today for a free demo in your backyard.

5 Ways to Find a Great Landscape Lighting Company

In Florida, unlike many other states in the heart of the United States, homeowners often get frustrated by service companies not showing up, not completing work correctly, or not returning phone calls. This is often attributed to the temporary nature of residents and service owners not feeling deeply connected to their community.

That’s not the case with Rick and Rosemary Karmann, Avanti Outdoor Lighting owners. They’re longtime residents of Florida, loving the coastal climate, committed to offering an exceptional client experience.

So, how do you know that a company is a business you can trust?

1) Check Google Reviews. Does the company have positive reviews online? Are there more than a few?
Note: You can read through the Avanti Outdoor Lighting reviews here…

2) Search Better Business Bureau for negative reviews:

3) Check their Facebook page. Look for regular updates and to see if you like their practices. You can read through our Facebook page here:

4) Call the company and schedule a free consultation. Knowledge is power.

5) Ask for 3 previous client references. Call those references to discuss their experience with the company.

Please let us know if we can offer a second opinion on a previous landscape lighting quote. We often get asked to repair and replace landscaping lights installed by other companies. We take your satisfaction seriously and want to make sure that every job our professionals begin gets finished successfully.

It’s possible to find a reputable, customer-driven landscaping lighting company in Tampa Bay. We know – we are one!

Lucky 7 Landscape Lighting Benefits

What Other Benefits Would You Add?

If you’re considering landscape lighting and you’re weighing the features and benefits, here are a few more benefits for you to consider.


Chances are, you’re designing outside spaces for children, (or grandchildren) family, and friends to make memories. You’re aware of how quickly time flies. Tampa Bay’s outdoor spaces are amazing during the day, but come night, they can cast shadows that look scary to small ones. One quick way to add ambiance, and design a mood, is to add landscape lighting. From family-friendly to romantic, our pro designers can help you set the mood.

Shadowing is very important to us. You can blast a house with LIGHTING and it gives it no character or mood. Lighting should be an emotional thing done right.

Beauty and Curb Appeal

You may never have considered the composition of your outdoor landscape, but our Avanti Outdoor Landscape designers will. You may have never thought about the shadows your plants throw, but our designers will. You might not have considered ways to create depth and cast shadows, highlight your home’s architectural features, or bring focus to your front door or to a sculptural design. Our Avanti Outdoor Landscaping designers will, though.

All of these thoughtful considerations help highlight your home’s beauty and increase your curb appeal.

Extended Use of Outdoor Living Spaces

2020 brought the concept of social distancing to our daily lives. Patios and deck spaces allowed us to finally continue our family gatherings. Outdoor lighting allows your family to reconnect late into the evening. Pool areas are no exception. Kids are usually not ready to stop having fun just because the sun went down. Landscape lighting allows you to supervise kids, keeping them safe into the night. Adding landscape lighting to outside eating and firepit areas allow parents and grandparents time for deep conversations and thoughtful insights with those you love.

Use landscape lighting to keep making great memories.

Highlight Waterfront Areas

Waterfront homes have bigger safety challenges. Our pro designers have added landscape lighting around boat docks, waterfront palms, steps and stairs, marina docks, pool areas, and many other waterfront areas. Nothing ruins a party like an injured guest – our pro designs reveal obstacles and help shine lights on accident-prone waterfront areas.


Landscape lighting can make it easier to read the address of your home, saving critical time when you need emergency assistance. You can also use landscape lighting to highlight fall-risk areas, such as steps, stairs, or uneven landscapes. Avanti Outdoor Landscape designers can show you how to create a focus area that looks beautiful and increases the safety of your family or guests.

Driving to a well-lit business or home driveway and front yard area feels safer and more welcoming, too.


Landscape lights are a great addition to your home’s security systems. Tampa Bay is home to a variety of scary predators – snakes, coyotes, panthers, and sometimes humans. Taking a look outside through your home security monitors for predators – before letting your dog out after dark – can be a lifesaver. Lights deter wildlife around your home and may also deter criminals, who often prefer to stay unseen.

Showhomes or businesses highlighted

You’ve worked hard to create a beautiful home or a thriving business and it’s nice to get noticed. Landscape lighting brings attention to your investment. No matter the reason for your inquiry into landscape lighting, our team can help you with the information you need to make the right decision for you. Let us know how we can help with your project.

Bonus Tips: Ways to Find Great Landscape Lighting Companies

Recently, we shared a post highlighting ways to research and find a great landscape lighting company. We thought of a few more tips and wanted to share those too.

1) Do a Google search. Is there anything that concerns you in your search?

2) Read through their website. Do you have any concerns with their policies?

3) Ask who their manufacturer is. Evaluate the manufacturer. Read through the warranty information. Ask any questions to the landscape lighting or manufacturing company.

4) Create a phased approach for your large project. Do a small project first to evaluate the company. Then move on to complete your larger project after the company has earned your trust.

Bonus tip: Ask the landscape lighting company about their customer satisfaction policy and how they make things right, should there be an issue.

At Avanti Outdoor Lighting, we’re dedicated to creating Happy Clients!