Bonus Tips: Ways to Find Great Landscape Lighting Companies

outdoor lighting ideas for front of house

Recently, we shared a post highlighting ways to research and find a great landscape lighting company. We thought of a few more tips and wanted to share those too.

1) Do a Google search. Is there anything that concerns you in your search?

2) Read through their website. Do you have any concerns with their policies?

3) Ask who their manufacturer is. Evaluate the manufacturer. Read through the warranty information. Ask any questions to the landscape lighting or manufacturing company.

4) Create a phased approach for your large project. Do a small project first to evaluate the company. Then move on to complete your larger project after the company has earned your trust.

Bonus tip: Ask the landscape lighting company about their customer satisfaction policy and how they make things right, should there be an issue.

At Avanti Outdoor Lighting, we’re dedicated to creating Happy Clients!